Politics for Believers

I admit it.  I was getting cranky and frustrated—and maybe even a little bit angry—during this very strange presidential election.  The lies, the filth, the innuendos, and the name-calling by the candidates were deeply disturbing to me.  And the angry posts from believers (and friends) on Facebook were getting to me.  I was ready to post a few angry responses and statements on social media of my own, against my better judgment.

Instead, I did what I challenge everyone to do when we’re growing angry and frustrated.

I prayed.

And as often happens after I stop-and-pray, God changed my thinking and reminded me of some very important perspectives for believers:

The political world is getting mean and ugly and downright dirty; we can’t afford to sink to that level.

Some voters are zealous evangelists for their candidate; we must be zealous for Jesus.

Some voters are discouraged and disgusted; we have hope in the gospel of Christ.

Some issues are dividing the generations; Jesus bridges the gap between young-and-old.

Some issues are dividing black-from-white; Jesus unites different colors and cultures.

Relationships and friendships are being broken; Christians can stand together even during disagreement.

Politicians and voters often hate their opponents; we must love our enemies.

Politicians are spreading lies; we must tell the truth.

Politicians live in a world of innuendos, putdowns, one-liners, and trash talk; we must be kind.

Politicians are spreading dirt and filth; we must spread love.

Politicians claim they can bring peace through strength or negotiation; we know there will never be peace until we find it in Jesus.

Politicians declare that their opponent is flawed and sinful; we agree because it’s true for all of us.

Candidates declare that they can fix what ails our country; we know we can accomplish far more on our knees than any president can from the oval office.

Politicians claim that this is the most important election in history; God choosing me (and you) is far more important.

Political parties claim disaster if their opponent wins; no matter who wins God will still be God and His work will still remain.

I will, of course, still vote.  And I will still have strong opinions, most of which I will not share publicly, because I have better things to talk about.  But I will refuse to be consumed by the world of politics.  If anything consumes me, I want it to be my love for God, my love for all people, and my desire to follow Jesus and do His work.

About Pastor Jack

Pastor Jack Marslender is the pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale. He is married (Dawn) and is the father of Tina, Rebecca, Kimberly, Melinda, Angela, Maria, Kenneth, Kevin, and Lorissa. He is also the grandfather of Wyatt, Emilie, Everett, Olivia, Dylan, Charlotte, and Aiden.
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