To Boycott. Or Not.

I have been besieged with requests to boycott the NFL.  And to buy burgers at In-N-Out.  (Except that other people have asked me to stop buying burgers there.)  I’ve been told that I need to support Chick-Fil-A, while others are offended if I do.  I’ve been told that I need to avoid Starbucks.  I’ve been asked to burn my Nikes.  Today, I even received a request to boycott Willie Nelson music because he’s singing at a fundraiser for a democratic politician.

The requests, boycotts, and demands are based—in every case—on the politics of the business, the business owner, or the entertainer.

I don’t want to offend you, but I typically ignore these requests.

I don’t make business decisions based on the political status of the business.  I recognize that many people agree with my politics.  And many do not.  I’m okay with that, so I won’t make business decisions based on politics.  And neither will I be offended if you decide to do so.

One of the things I love about America is that we have freedom.  The freedom to take a stand.  The freedom to state our opinion.  The freedom to affiliate.  The freedom to do business with those we choose.

And so my choice is simple.  I won’t boycott you or ignore you or stop doing business with you based on your politics.  My political disagreement with you doesn’t mean that I must separate myself from you or your business.

If I decide to drink coffee, I will choose it based on taste, price, and convenience.  (That means, usually, that I make it at home.)  If I decide to buy a burger, I will choose a burger place with good food, good service, good prices, and a good atmosphere.  I don’t care if the business owner gave money to the Republicans or the Democrats.  I will buy chicken based on the same factors.

I will watch sports or listen to music when I find it enjoyable and when I have the time.  I won’t watch or listen (or refuse) because a politician asks me to do so.  I know that there are good people on all sides of every political viewpoint in every business, sports league, and musical genre.

If I bought shoes, I bought them because I liked them, I could afford them, and they do what I need them to do.  I’m not going to burn an otherwise good pair of shoes because of an advertisement.  It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the fact that I’m too cheap to burn money.

Understand, I won’t judge you if you do boycott.  Please don’t judge me if I don’t.

That’s enough writing.  I’m going to buy an In-N-Out Burger AND some Chick-Fil-A nuggets and sit down with a hot cup of coffee.  And I’m going to put on my Nike shoes, my Adidas shirt, and my Reebok socks and listen to Willie Nelson while watching the Oakland Raiders.

Don’t judge me.

 And I won’t judge you.

About Pastor Jack

Pastor Jack Marslender is the pastor of Avondale Baptist Church (formerly the First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale.) He is married (Dawn) and is the father of Tina, Rebecca, Kimberly, Melinda, Angela, Maria, Kenneth, Kevin, and Lorissa. He is also the grandfather of Wyatt, Emilie, Everett, Olivia, Dylan, Charlotte, Aiden, and Avery.
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